Christmas and New Year’s Day is on Sunday this year so HFW Distributor will be closed for business on Monday, Dec. 26th, and Monday, Jan. 2nd. We will reopen for business on Tuesday Dec. 27th, during Christmas week and Tuesday Jan. 3rd during New Year’s week. All deliveries during these weeks will be moved back one day, and will be delivered Tuesday through Friday.


To help you plan for these holiday week deliveries, the following schedules are provided for your convenience. Please refer to your normal order day to find your holiday week order day and delivery day.


Christmas Holiday Week


Normal Order Day         Normal Delivery Day    Holiday Order Day       Holiday Delivery Day

Sunday, Dec 25                 Monday, Dec 26              NO CHANGE                       Tuesday, Dec 27       

Monday, Dec 26               Tuesday, Dec 27              Tuesday, Dec 27               Wednesday, Dec 28

Tuesday, Dec 27               Wednesday, Dec 28        Wednesday, Dec 28           Thursday, Dec 29

Wednesday, Dec 28          Thursday, Dec 29            Thursday, Dec 29             Friday, Dec 30


New Year Holiday Week


Normal Order Day         Normal Delivery Day     Holiday Order Day       Holiday Delivery Day

Sunday, Jan 1                    Monday, Jan 2                   NO CHANGE                  Tuesday, Jan 3

Monday, Jan 2                  Tuesday, Jan 3                   Tuesday, Jan 3                Wednesday, Jan 4

Tuesday, Jan 3                  Wednesday, Jan 4             Wednesday, Jan 4           Thursday, Jan 5

Wednesday, Jan 4             Thursday, Jan 5                 Thursday, Jan 5              Friday, Jan 6


All orders that are transmitted via Telxon, Web Console, DAC Express, or phoned/faxed in must be placed by 3:00 pm on your holiday order day to assure proper delivery during these holiday weeks.


If you have any questions regarding our holiday schedules, please call our Customer Service Department @ 706-868-0055 or 800-762-7588.

Thank you for your business. We look forward to continue working with you in 2017. We wish for a safe Holiday Season to all.