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HFW Distributor Co

Efficiency is a work of art

As your full line convenience store distributor, we have over 6,000 products in our distribution center conveniently located just off I-20 on the GA-Carolina state line with next day delivery service.

Services we offer

We offer a wide variety of top-notch services. Just give us a call or stop by and we’ll take care of you.


Next Day Delivery. Order by 3 PM on your normal Order Day and receive order next day.


Complete Store Reset or Ground up Set to enhance appearance and shopping experience for your customers. With annual reset – Periodic Section Sets. New Trend Adjustment Sets. Suggestive shopping flow.


Using up to date Industry Information to compare to your data compiled by HFW on your purchases to help with product selection. Discontinued Item Reports – Item Rationalization and yearly Purchase comparisons.

Inventory Management

Using both Velocity Reports and also product inventory. HFW also has the capability of PAR level ordering which allows you to order based on preset order points.


HFW interacts with all back end software providers for a quick response to electronically send your invoice before your delivery is made.

How We do The job

• Hfw has invested in state-of-the-art technology to electronically track merchandise upon receiving as well as shipping to our customers. This gives us the ability to maintain adequate inventory and slot rotations to better serve our customers. HFW receives product during the day and then we have a night staff who picks the product – loads the truck in a timely and efficient manner so when the driver checks in the next morning they can move through their check process to get on the road as quickly as possible to deliver your order you just placed the day before.

Why choose Homefolks?

We are family owned convenience store distribution company, servicing GA and SC convenience stores focusing on day to day tasks that help maximize our customer’s bottom line. We partner with some of the largest independent C-stores and small chains in the state to systematically provide new and core market convenience items to retail in the most efficient way possible.  Our company size and technology allow us to be flexible in meeting each customers specific needs in an evolving market.

Our Expertise

Cost-efficient Quality Care

State-of-the-Art Engineering

Strategic Investment

Advanced Technology

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